Should I Apply For A British Passport

First and foremost, until the end of the BREXIT negotiations the rights of EU nationals should remain unchanged. There is no need to rush out to apply for a British Passport at present.

However, for those Europeans who are concerned and wish to formalise their right of residence in the UK, the options available will depend on how long they have been in the UK ‘exercising their treaty rights‘ .

Right To Remain – Proving Your Rights Of Residence.

To be allowed to remain ing the UK an EU national must be a qualified person, in other words:

  • A temporary job seeker
  • A worker employed or self-employed
  • A self sufficient person with comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI)
  • A student with CSI

Staying In The UK

Those who have yet to complete 5 continuous years in the UK as a qualified person should apply for a  registration document using the EEA QP Form

Permanent Residence In The UK

Those who have completed the 5 continuous years of more in the UK as a qualified person should apply for a document certifying permanent residence using the EEA PR Form

British Passport Application

To qualify for a British passport EU nationals will need to show amongst other things, that they are permanent residents of the UK. To do so they will need to hold and official document issued by the UKVI / Home Office.